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Attitudes to World Englishes: Implications for teaching English in South Korea

1st Edition

By Hyejeong Ahn

This book critically examines South Korean English teachers’ awareness of and attitude towards eight varieties of English and how they respond to the proposal of a World Englishes approach in their teaching practice. It showcases the deeply rooted favouritism towards American English and illustrates how relevant challenges arising from this attitude can be addressed to meet the changing needs of future participants in international contexts. This book argues that disclosing and questioning the hidden discursive practices embedded in the English education policy in South Korea may be the first step in raising awareness of and in changing negative attitudes towards embracing diversified Englishes. The findings are systemically discussed in relation to the implications that researching awareness and attitude has for pedagogical considerations and for teacher training. This book aims to contribute to the field of WE, where studies relating to the South Korean context are largely limited.


Table of Contents

1. World Englishes

2. Overview of Eight Varieties of English

3. Language and Attitude

4. English Education in South Korea

5. Measuring Attitudes to Varieties of English

6. Englishes? Awareness of Varieties of English

7. Attitudes towards Inner Circle Englishes

8. Attitudes towards Asian Englishes

9. Attitudes towards Korean English

10. Preferred teaching models and pedagogical Implications

11. Pedagogical Implications

12. Further Suggestions


ISBN 9781138227880

Published April 6, 2017 by Routledge

196 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations



Hyejeong Ahn is a Lecturer at the Language and Communication Centre of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


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