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The Future of English in Asia: Perspectives on language and literature

1st Edition Edited By Michael O'Sullivan, David Huddart, Carmen Lee This collection is unique in bringing together key thinkers on...


English Pronunciation Models in a Globalized World: Accent, Acceptability and Hong Kong English

1st Edition By Andrew Sewell This book explores the topics of English accents and pronunciation. It highlights their connections with...


Attitudes to World Englishes: Implications for teaching English in South Korea

1st Edition By Hyejeong Ahn This book critically examines South Korean English teachers’ awareness of and attitude towards eight...


Negotiating Englishes and English-speaking Identities: A study of youth learning English in Italy

1st Edition By Jacqueline Aiello This book explores the effects of the global spread of English by reporting on a sequential explanatory...


Australian English Reimagined: Structure, Features and Developments

1st Edition Edited By Louisa Willoughby, Howard Manns Australian English is perhaps best known for its colourful slang, but the variety...


World Englishes: Rethinking Paradigms

1st Edition Edited by Ee Ling Low, Anne Pakir In this book, leading scholars in the field of World Englishes (WE) offer fresh...


Professional Development of English Language Teachers in Asia: Lessons from Japan and Vietnam

1st Edition Edited by Kayoko Hashimoto, Van-Trao Nguyen Why has English language proficiency in Japan remained so low in comparison to...


EIL Education for the Expanding Circle: A Japanese Model

1st Edition By Nobuyuki Hino The teaching of English in the Expanding Circle, traditionally called EFL countries, has long been regarded...


The Politics of English in Hong Kong: Attitudes, Identity, and Use

1st Edition By Jette G. Hansen Edwards The focus of this book is on the impact of politics on language and identity in Hong Kong. The...


Topicalization in Asian Englishes: Forms, Functions, and Frequencies of a Fronting Construction

1st Edition By Sven Leuckert Shortlisted for the 2020 ESSE Book Award in English Language and Linguistics This monograph is the first...


English in Southeast Asia and ASEAN: Transformation of Language Habitats

1st Edition By Azirah Hashim, Gerhard Leitner English in Southeast Asia and ASEAN embeds English in its various regional Southeast Asian...


The Shetland Dialect

1st Edition By Peter Sundkvist The traditional dialect spoken in the Shetland Isles, the northernmost part of Scotland and Britain, is...


Book Series

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Routledge Studies in World Englishes

This Singapore Association for Applied Linguistics book series will provide a starting point for those who wish to know more about the aspects of the spread of English in the current globalized world. 

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