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Teaching English as an International Language

1st Edition

By Roby Marlina

How do teachers inspire students to learn to appreciate different Englishes? Has anyone tried to teach world Englishes? If so, what do they do and how do they feel about it? Most importantly, do students see the benefits in learning about world Englishes?

This book responds to these questions by 1) offering a clear and solid foundation for the development of English as an International Language (EIL)-oriented curricula in an English Language program and a teacher education program, 2) critically reviewing the current pedagogical principles and practices of teaching EIL, and 3) offering an alternative way of conceptualising and teaching EIL. Using a three-year undergraduate program of EIL in an Australian university as a research site, this book provides a detailed account of actual classroom practices that raise students’ awareness of world Englishes and engage them in learning how to communicate interculturally. This book is the first of its kind that explores the teaching of EIL in a country where English is a predominant and national language.


Table of Contents

1 The need to teach EIL 2 Teaching EIL: calls to implement change 3 Studying teaching EIL 4 The journey to implement change: an autobiographical narrative 5 EIL teachers implementing change 6 Reviewing change: from teachers’ perspectives 7 EIL students’ responses to change 8 Reviewing change: from students’ perspectives 9 Re-envisioning a program of ongoing inquiry


ISBN 9781138231184

Published September 14, 2017 by Routledge

298 Pages 46 B/W Illustrations



Roby Marlina holds a doctorate in Language Teacher Education (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) and is a Language Specialist (Teacher- Educator) with the Training, Research, Assessment and Consultancy Department at the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO), Regional Language Centre (RELC), Singapore. Prior to joining SEAMEO- RELC, Roby was a lecturer in the EIL program at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. His publications have appeared in international journals including International Journal of Educational Research, Multilingual Education, and Asian EFL Journal , and he has contributed chapters in several books edited by key EIL/World Englishes scholars. He is one of the main editors of the book, The Pedagogy of English as an International Language: Perspectives from Scholars, Teachers, and Students (Springer International Publishing).



'This book explores the implementation of proposals for teaching English as an international language into language curricula and classroom practices. As such, it helps bridge the theory-practice divide in World Englishes by shedding light on the challenges faced by teachers of EIL, and by exploring students responses to curriculum innovations that aim to prepare them to use English in a globalized world.' Dr. Heath Rose, University of Oxford

'This book offers a fascinating and unique insider perspective on the nature of EIL, what it means to be a speaker and teacher of EIL and how an EIL curriculum can serve to challenge students to rethink their identities as speakers of EIL as well as empower them as users of English. Rich in both the theory and practice of teaching EIL in a university setting, it will be an invaluable resource for curriculum planners, teachers and teachers in training.'

Jack C. Richards, Honorary Professor, University of Sydney; University of Auckland

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